Savage Sun of Athas

A desertion, a fugitive, and a business offer

The company set out to Tyr however after setting up camp for the night, they awoke to find most of their provisions and Lazarion gone. Following his trail, they tracked him back to the small town of South Ledolpolis. They found him that evening in a tavern, singing to a raucous crowd, and in a good mood. He claimed he was going to return to the group catching up with them on the road to Tyr. Tempers were short but the consensus was to rest for the evening and discuss it further the next day.

Leaving the tavern, Simic noticed two men leave along with them suspiciously and head off to another direction. The group wanting to know what business the men were into, followed and stumbled upon them along with a gang of men-at-arms. The men claimed there was a reward in Balic for Simic, dead or alive. A fight broke out and the group was victorious, letting one bounty hunter escape with his life and a warning not to follow Simic.

The following day Lazarion spoke of his addiction and need for regular consumption of an alchemical concoction. In addition Simic explained his past. He was actually from a very well to do family that ran a prominent theater in Balic. He became friends with some individuals that offered him training in the preserver form of magic. In return he helped them arrange a meeting with a local Balic noble using his family’s status. At that meeting there was an assassination attempt and Simic was forced to leave the city as he was considered part of the group of traitors.

Eventually they arrived at Tyr and the following day were approached by a merchant, Haakar. Word had gotten out that the company was in possession of a large amount of metal bars and silver coins as they had exchanged it into ceramic pieces. He was seeking partners for a business venture. He intended to expand and purchase a larger warehouse, including a small villa for himself and another residence the group could use. Hakaar was offering them to be silent partners in his trade broker business.

Asking around, the group found that Haakar was indeed an up and coming merchant that had done fairly well for himself over the years. Unmarried and no children, he intended to remedy that but admittedly said he needed funds to secure more warehouse space. Aside from offering a more permanent residence, and a more solid proposition for making money in the long term, he claimed he could also offer standing with Tyr’s merchants. He would bring some legitimacy to their status as having roots in the mercantile affairs of Tyr.

They agreed and plans were set in motion to purchase the residence and warehouses, and form the Open Hand Trading Company. During that time the group also heard about a new gladiatorial event that would be happening in three days. Members from House Lanto were to fight for their freedom in the event. House Tslaxia was bringing in gladiators from outside Tyr to win their freedom. These events will be death games, which had an air of excitement in Tyr. Along with these martial fights would be a bloodless tournament for local citizen gladiators.

The thoughts of blood rituals that the sorcerer kings used to prolong their life nagged at the company’s mind. So many people called together for an unusual public spectacle under the shadow of the ziggurat. Did King Tithian seek to replace Kalak as a new sorcerer king?


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