Fen Rocktunnel

A long time friend of Dekra


Fen is very short, much less so than a typical dwarf. She is nimble and much more comfortable underground and in tight spaces than above ground.


Fen is a long time friend of Dekra Blueheart and was part of the same stone working craft guild, the Stonebreakers. A long and prosperous guild, they were very active in the construction of the rainbow colored ziggurat in Tyr. After its completion, the Night of Blood occurred. King Kalak ordered his templars to scour the city and kill all the craftsmen that worked on the interior of the monument.

Derka’s parents saw to both their daughter and Fen’s escape. While Dekra left Tyr and headed east to Raam, Fen hid in Under Tyr. For over a year she has patiently worked through the labyrinth tunnels to find out more of the ziggurat. She is convinced that there is an entrance to the lower chambers of the ziggurat that can be reached through Under Tyr.

Fen Rocktunnel

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