Dekra Blueheart

A dwarven craftsman with psionic talents.


A talented stoneworker and craftsman, Derka was originally a native of Tyr. For two decades many of her bricklayer and stoneworker guild mates, along with her family, aided in the constuction of the great ziggurat.

Nearly two years ago was the night of blood. The sorcerer king, Kalak, ordered his templars to cleanse the city of all craftsmen that had worked on the ziggurat. Almost 2/3 of Tyr’s craftsmen were killed that night. Her family ensured her survival smuggling her out of Tyr. Dekra does not know for certain her family’s fate but has accepted that like many of her guildmates, they were slain by King Kalak’s command.

Dekra made her escape from Tyr, joining a trade caravan traveling east towards Raam. In Raam, she became a craftsman in the house of Lucero. And when he asked her to join a group to return to Tyr, she eagerly accepted willing to serve as one of his merchant liaisons at House M’ke.

Dekra Blueheart

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