Savage Sun of Athas

The Would Be Sorcerer King

The party made their way through the bowels of the ziggurat, going through the eerily quiet dark hallways of black and dark gray granite. Coming to a small room they found a bound figure on the floor. It was Captain Duran, the very Templar officer that they had spoken to and warned about the potential disaster which happened at the gladiator games. Removing the gag from his mouth he said he warned his superiors and was promptly made a prisoner. He immediately wanted to know what happened.

After hearing the group’s tale he implored that they let him free. He needed to rally what Templars he could. He was convinced that there are good officers and men but they are simply following orders. Some are confused and lost with the transition of Tyr becoming a free city. But there are a few, mostly men of command, that pine for the days of serving a sorcerer King, and retaining their position of power and authority over citizens and slaves. The group freed him and Fen Rocktunnel offered to guide him back to the arena.

The group pressed on. Slowly traversing the ziggurat working their way up. They finally came to a room holding King Tithian, flanked by several guards. They stuck and a pitched battle ensued. As many of the guards fell, King Tithian began to cast an elaborate spell that was abruptly cut short. An elongated form akin to a large black serpent broke through the floor. A multitude of legs propelled it, with folded wings on its back, and its mouth housed rows of fangs. The dragon beast bit Tithian in two.

It hissed in a rasping dark voice, stating that it was indeed Kalak transformed. With his past ritual interrupted, he lay in a state of torpor. He reached out to Tithian’s mind and planted a seed. The idea of becoming a sorcerer King took hold, and Tithian began to follow in his footsteps. But Tithian would not be transformed into a Sorcerer King. Kalak used Tithian to complete the ritual, slaying thousands, and providing enough life force to complete Kalak’s transformation.

The party threw themselves at the beast and finally slew it. The form burst into a bubbling froths of black energy and seeped into nothingness. Taking the head of Tithian, ensuring Tyr knew that its would be sorcerer King was dead, they trudged upwards and emerged from the top of the ziggurat.

The Templar captain had managed to get many rank and file Templars under his command. Rounding up the traitorous officers, they eventually brought order to Tyr and began the sad task of seeing to the dead and injured. Weeks passed. Captain Duran was elected as general of the forces of Tyr, but under the command of the Senate. Tyr had enough of kings. It would be lead by a senate as a republic. FOr day to day affairs of cleaning the streets, providing order, and the daily needs of Tyr, an elected council of seven would be charged with overseeing these duties.

The group enjoyed their fame as heroes, but it was short lived. Tyr needed to heal and the group took to aiding where they could and what befitted their talents. The Open Hand Trading company fared very well and the party had comfortable lives. Yet one day, Simic disappeared. His belongings still in his room. The only hint was that there were rumors that persons from Balic were seeking him. Maybe he had decided to travel back to Balic and face his family, or maybe taken against his will. A small mystery and something for another tale.


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