Savage Sun of Athas

A cache of elven treasure and discovery of rituals for sorcerer kings.

The company took to exploring the ruins and came upon many creatures and undead. After several combats they finally stumbled into a long room filled with coffers holding bars of silver and copper, with the occasional small rod of gold. Among a pile of silver pieces was a steel longsword. The group found an enchanted alchemist bag and a magical figurine that would transform into a kank pulling a small cart. Additionally a wrist charm of beads that appeared to be infused with arcane power was obtained.

As they explored further, they discovered another chamber with the walls etched in ancient elvish script. The engravings described the existence of the Dragon’s Ankh. This was a stone crafted symbol fed through ritual sacrifice of sentient beings. Every 300-500 years this ritual needed to be be done to feed the wielder of the ankh souls. Upon completing this dire task, it would grant them near-immortal life and magical powers. Most ritual details would be kept on a handful of large stone tablets.

Not all of the rituals would be the same, but all shared the same key point of ritual sacrifice. If enough were killed using a special ritual, the wielder of the ankh could transform into a dragon.This ritual would require thousands being sacrificed, and an arcane focus of immense size.

The elvish script went on reaffirm the legend that the group had all known, that long ago a great dragon arose and was fed through the life force of Athas itself. Regardless, the adventurer’s realized that this was likely the key to a sorcerer king’s immortality and power. Also this possession of knowledge by the elves was likely the very reason they were hunted down, their elvish citadels of knowledge razed, and forced to become nomadic people. They knew truth of the sorcerer kings’ power.

The group gathered their well earned treasure and set about to return to Tyr.


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