Below are the different types of Arcane Backgrounds. Each type describes the Arcane Skill a character with that background uses, his starting Power Points, the number of powers he starts play with, and any potential drawbacks to the power (such as Backlash). (Powers marked with & are found in the Fantasy Companion book for Savage Worlds.)

Arcane Background (Psionics)
Arcane Skill: Psionics (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 10
Starting Powers: 3

Psionicists are the most common and well-known power users on Athas. Almost everyone may have some psionic talent and there are entire schools devoted to enhancing one’s psionic abilities. Unlike other arcane backgrounds Psionics requires no special rituals or words of power, merely concentration and focus.

Psionicists can choose from the following powers, many of which may have a variety of different trappings depending on how the particular psionicist manifests the ability. Powers which affect other powers (such as Detect/Conceal Arcana and Dispel) only function against other Psionic powers when manifested by a Psionicist, but psionic powers are likewise unaffected by versions of those powers used by a non-psionic spellcaster (and vice-versa).

Psionic Powers: Armor, Barrier, Beast Friend, Blast, Blind, Bolt, Boost Trait (self only, Lower Trait, Burst, Concentrate&, Confusion, Deflection, Drain Power Points (psionic only), Detect/Conceal Arcana, Dispel, Draining Touch, Fear, Greater Healing (self only), Havoc, Healing, Invisibility, Legerdemain&, Light, Pummel, Puppet, Quickness, Sluggish Reflexes@, Slumber, Smite, Speak Language, Speed, Stun, Succor, Telekinesis, Teleport,

Brainburn: Psionicists who roll a 1 on their Psionics skill die lose 1d4 power points in addition to the cost of the power.

Arcane Background (Wild Talent)
Arcane Skill: Psionics (Smarts)
Starting Power Points: 5
Starting Powers: 1

Although many have potential for developing psychic powers, few are able to master such power effectively. However many can develop enough power to have some prominent ability, and such manifestations of talent allow them to open up into other professions. Those who only learn minor psionic abilities are called Wild Talents. Such characters have the Psionics skill, but not the Arcane Background edge. Instead they gain the Wild Talent AB edge.

They learn one Novice-rank power from the list below. They begin play with only five power points, and may not take any edges to increase their number of powers or power points (unless they receive special training and become a full psionist later on taking the AB (Psionics) edge).

Powers: (Powers marked with a ‘#’ on that list may only be used to affect the psionicist himself.)
Armor#, Blast, Bolt, Deflection#, Fear, Fly#, Greater Healing#, Healing#, Invisibility#, Puppet, Quickness#, Raise/Lower Trait#, Speed#


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