Lucero is a noble (nawab) and senate member within Raam. He has managed to keep out of many petty battles for control within Raam and aligns himself with a minority of nawabs that want greater authority of city affairs through the senate. Some view this as an attempt to wrest power from the queen, while others will claim it’s an attempt to keep Raam from slipping into civil war. The queen’s responses to their actions have been unpredictable at best (agreeing with certain resolutions while countering others).

Lucero mostly has his money in spices and has an expansive estate outside Raam which oversees his few working fields. He does not actively engage in the conflicts within Raam but has defended his property with excessive force if needed against warlords and their nawab facilitators.

Lucero is a staunch supporter of the caste system. He has as many slaves as other noble houses, yet is known as a fair and just owner. He has never promoted the standing of any free citizen serving within his household and instead has offered means to live a life outside of Raam. If they remain within Raam, they must swear their loyalty and serve him.

The exception to raising status of servants are slaves. Lucero has been know to grant slaves freedom and leave Raam. And some he has offered to remain as citizens under his house. They are effectively indentured servants for life however. Yet, many former slaves are eager to have this opportunity as their children will be born out of the slave caste system and be free citizens. This has secured loyalty from the lowest members within his house.

Instructions from Lucero – A summary of Nawab Lucero’s request to the adventurer’s before they went to Tyr.


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