2 Piece Movement

A long brewing issue within the Smith district and the Merchant District, recently freed slaves wish to have a 2 piece (or 2 silver) standard in wages per 10 day week. Although slavery has been abolished in Tyr, it has not changed life for most residents. If anything, some people have had it worse.

Nobles and the Smith district have been hit the worst regarding the change in slavery and recovery has been slow. Former slaves get a small wage (approximately 1bit/day) but have to turn around and spend that on meals and lodging. The idea of 2 pieces a week is to allow some to save more money for better goods, or to have a decent meal once a week. This wage of 2 peices per week is what most free citizens of Tyr enjoyed for centuries, and something the common laborers feel is a wage deserved as they too are now free citizens.

This 2 piece wage standard would severely cut into profits for many merchants and nobles, especially the smiths in the brickyards, as it would almost double labor costs. The movement is being headed by a former Mul slave, Eldra, and there has been some talk of strikes in labor until this is made a law.

A minority of merchants are seeking a compromise in making one piece the official standard for weekly wages in Tyr. Unofficially, about 1/3 to 1/4 of former slaves currently get paid less. If one piece was adopted by the city as an official standard, these citizens would have 2-3 more bits per week. Enough for a decent meal or a pitcher of broy, and likely enough to entice them to fall behind a compromise. Despite these efforts for a peaceful resolution, secret rumors have circulted that some merchants and craft guilds are seeking to assassinate the leaders of the movement.

2 Piece Movement

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