A human merchant of unusual talents.


A human merchant from Raam.


Rook was housed in the Ramm trader house within the city of Tyr. Despite claiming just to be a merchant, he was a charismatic, if not mysterious, fellow.

Rook was able to convince the adventurers to join him in an endeavor to discover the location of a long lost hidden cache of elven treasure. He had a circular stone disk with etchings of directions and steps. He knew the general location, but needed an idea of time. Cleverly, the elves had buried the treasure that could only be deduced from knowing when to follow a path for a certain amount of steps, and all of it dependent on following a shadow for a period of time.

That period of time was elusive to Rook. He managed to get information on the location of ruins which would detail the dimensions of a sand funnel. This funnel could work as a crude timer, giving Rook the information he would need to track down the buried prize.

Before he could gain this information, he was slain by a Baazrag exploring ancient elven ruins. ( An expedition, a raider lair, and a death )


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