Savage Sun of Athas

The hunt for street gangs and a slaver ruse.

The company began to investigate any known watering holes frequented by the Toecutter gang in the Warrens and stumbled upon the Dry Well tavern. At the bar the group learned that House Lanto was responsible for the illegal movement of slaves to other city states, although they could not get any direct evidence of the Toecutters being involved with abductions. The following day each party member split off to do different tasks.

Naomi went to House Lanto and posed as an agent for Raam, seeking to purchase high quality slaves for her lord. Originally she was rebuffed from a house representative, however another house merchant overheard her conversation and quietly agreed to a viewing of their illegal wares later that evening. When she left, she observed a poor tradesman approach. The man threw waste at the main house trader, crying out that they were murderers and would not stop the 2 Piece Movement.

Lazarion decided to drop off a letter through a courier to Jeila in the Warrens. The contents of the letter stated that the group would personally find those responsible for abducting her and bring them justice. As he left to conduct other business, he heard conversations spreading throughout the various districts related to the 2 Piece Movement. Eldra, its leader, was dead. She had slipped into a wasting sickness two days prior and finally died. While no one could state for certain, poison was suspected and likely some members of the craft guilds, merchants, and trade houses were responsible. Lazarion, taking the news of Eldra’s death to heart, decided to do a performance in the Warrens with a song that honored her and the 2 Piece movement, with the residents especially moved by his performance.

After his performance, Lazarion continued to House M’ke, intent on leaving a written report for Nawab Lucero. At the gates of the complex we was stopped and Oadim personally came out to meet him. Fuming Oadim confronted him about the infiltration of a merchant meeting weeks prior, the slaying of guards, and theft of a trade logbook for House Tsalaxa*. While Oadim had no direct proof, the apt description of the thieves and their sudden departure from the house was more than enough evidence for him. Oadim stated they were not welcome and could no longer fulfill any requests for the Noble Lucero under House M’ke’s banner.

Meanwhile Dekra Blueheart, rather impressed with the old architecture of the Dry Well, returned to study the tavern more. She was approached by Toecutter members and they unsubtly suggested she stop asking about slaves and abductions in the Warrens. Rumors were abound in the Warrens that the party was seeking justice and striving to be champions for the common free citizens of Tyr. The Toecutter gang would not stand for any interference in their criminal activity. Understanding this threat, Dekra sought the remainder of the group to tell of the warning she received.

Armed with new information on House Lanto, Naomi sought out the opinion of the group. They all agreed that help from the templar authorities was the most prudent. Naomi went to a local templar’s office and the captain of the guards for the district demanded more proof before they could make any arrests. House Lanto was a long established tradehouse from a respected family and the templars simply could not make such accusations without more evidence that slaves were actually being sold.

* Note


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