Savage Sun of Athas

Rumors of gangs and dead kings

The group accompanied Jeila to the Warrens and her family. Relieved of her return, they offered the company a simple dinner and spoke of events in Tyr. Crime was always part of the Warrens in Tyr, but with the death of King Kalak things have escalated. Jeila’s family claimed that the Toecutter gang was at the center of most underworld activity in the Warrens. Jeila is sure the Toecutter gang took her, but when pressed. She was unsure. She did notice that the tradehouse which took her out of the city was also careful not to mention which merchant groups they represented by blindfolding her until they were well away from Tyr. However she did manage sneak a glimpse of a green inix emblem when she was in the lower cells of the tradehouse.

The group decided to spend some more time conversing with locals in the area to hear what rumors they could. They ended up in a tavern with an eclectic clientele. Between tradesmen, former slaves, and low level templar guardsmen, tongues began to wag freely when pitchers of broy were flowing. The party found some interesting tidbits of information

  • The Toecutters are one of 3 gangs in the Warrens. The* Eye Gougers* and Skull Splitters are two other gangs. All are vying for control of the Warrens and spreading seeking to be more active in other parts of the city.
  • One templar guard complained bitterly that there was more order when King Kalak was in control. He admitted to hearing of rumors the Kalak’s body was never found. The rebels made an assassination attempt in the stadium but Kalak escaped to the ziggurat. When Tithian pursued and found a sealed chamber that Kalak hid in, it was empty. Others said this was just a wild rumor. Again it’s a statement made by someone that heard it from someone else, that was a tale told from another. No one still has ever come forward to say they were at hand when the chamber was open.
  • Many of the templars did complain that King Tithian needs to be more active in ruling the city. He seems engrossed in studying the great library or deep within the bowels of the ziggurat. Some grumble that Tithian seems keen on finding out some knowledge that Kalak knew.


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