Savage Sun of Athas

A silt cutter, a new comrade, and a buried chamber.

Exploring further in the ruins, the party came across a small cache of coin and some items of magical power. Taking what they could they returned to Altaruk to inform others of the good news. Grateful for slaying the creature, the leader of Altaruk informed the group they could offer an escort to nearby docks that ran silt ships, and that they could help arrange travel for the company.

Securing a silt cutter the party traveled east. It was not without incident and the craft was attacked by a large predator, but it was successfully defeated. During the trip the group got to know the crew and became especially acquainted with a human named, Simic. The craft continued to the small town of Southern Ledopolis, however tragedy struck. The captain, a long time traveler of the silt estuary passed away in his sleep, apparently finally succumbing to the buildup of fine silt in his lungs.

At South Ledopolis, the other crew member left ship, leaving Simic in possession of the craft. Despite a few years on board, he realized his knowledge of navigation was too poor to successfully captain himself. He’d be dependent on another person taking command and likely demanding a majority share in the silt cutter. When he heard of the expedition the group was taking to find buried coin, Simic threw his lot in eagerly with them.

The company resupplied and headed south combing for information on a more exact location of the landmark they sought. After talking with residents in a small hovel, and to others rescued from slavers the adventurers met in a chance encounter, they were finally confident of being able to find the landmark. A few more days journey and they came upon the odd stone formation that looked like a hand reaching up to the sky.

Waiting for the sun to set, the group followed the instructions constructing a funnel filled with the right amount of sand, and began pacing off a set number of steps. Monitoring the movement of the shadow based on time recorded by their crude sand timer, they found the direction and location needed to dig.

The surrounded terrain was worrying some for Naomi. The approach to the stone formation was hidden somewhat as they had traveled there in a dry riverbed. The area around the stone hand was a wide plain. However it was dotted with large boulders and piles of rocks, certainly enough cover for a group to approach with stealth. Nonetheless, they found the potential location and began to dig.

For some time, nothing was found. The group’s hearts sank some as all around them were dozens of holes leaving just empty pits of sand and dust. The hidden caches of coin and treasure apparently dug up. Then they struck a hard surface. Working quickly they soon found a crack in a straight line of stone, and clearing further discovered a large rectangular stone slab. Apparently it was sealing some manner of a buried chamber hidden well beneath the sand.


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